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Here at mojoMENTORING, our philosophy is building self esteem and self worth through Developmental Education, short term accommodation (respite), and meaningful activities that boost connection with community.

Short Stay


With unique, personalised itineraries, Mojo Mentoring offers its clients a supportive accommodation option with highly trained and passionate staff. 

Children in Indoor Playground

I enjoy seeing Judy online. I can identify her photo on my Friday plan sheet. I point to “therapy” and “friend” in my PODD book.

Our daughter Madeleine has CP with a developmental delay and is non-verbal. She needed help with staying focused and regulating her feelings as she matures into adulthood. The fortnightly Zoom sessions are a perfect fit.  Madeleine has increased her attention span by playing fun games and really enjoys interacting with the help of her carer. Judy’s knowledge and techniques are incredible.  She personalises each session to challenge Madeleine. We feel strongly that Madeleine is reaching her goals.

Thank you again, Judy! We appreciate you so much!



Mojo Mentoring prides itself on high quality care from all its staff. If you have a suggestion to improve our services, we want to hear from you.


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